DMS Cleansing Milk

Gentle cleansing and skin care without emulsifiers

The correct cleanser is the foundation of an effective skincare regime. The advent of facial wipes in a world where we are all short of time has resulted in speedy but inadequate cleansing, leading to a steady build-up of impurities on the skin. The misconception of vigorous, deep cleansing of the skin is not beneficial and ultimately damages the Stratum Corneum, upsetting the moisture balance of the skin.
Within the dermaviduals range we have Two Cleansers a Cleansing Milk or A Cleansing Gel.

Your skin therapist will advise you as to the best choice for your skin.

Do not underestimate the importance of the correct cleanser .

It is the foundations to a good skincare regime .

The cleanser suitable for all skins, this milk will gently lift away all grease, grime,  pollution and make up.


How best to use:

1st Cleanse:  Apply a 5p-10p sized blob onto dry hands and massage lightly onto the skin. Rinse off by splashing with water.

2nd Cleanse: Apply the same amount of milk, but massage it into the skin a little more firmly. Wipe the face gently with the Dermaviduals face cloth until the cloth comes away clean.


Follow with corrective  lotion if your skin therapist has prescribed one for you.


Available sizes: 500ml / 150ml / 30ml

Ingredients: Download PDF


One of our most popular products. Do not under estimate how important a good cleanser is.