Enzyme Skin Renewal

A highly effective desquamating treatment


The Enzyme Skin Renewal  is kind and non-abrasive. It will  softly eliminating dead surface cells. Your  pores appear smaller, tighter and clearer; with regular use, breakouts, surface dryness, lines and hyper-pigmentation will be diminished. Can be used for Pre- teen skins or more Mature skins.

  • Non-aggressive exfoliation (does not contain abrasive particles), does not irritate sensitive and/or intolerant skins that cannot withstand other types of exfoliants
  • Completely eliminates impurities and dead skin cells that dull the skin.
  •   Accelerates the skin regenerating process rapidly and effectively.
    Increases skin’s receptivity to absorb subsequent treatments.
  •  Enzyme Peel is an exceptionally effective and gentle desquamation a non-aggressive (granule-free) micro-exfoliation of the most damaged layers of the skin, revealing an even, smooth, soft, and luminous appearance.
  • Use once or twice a week or as directed by your Skin Therapist

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Use once a week to help lift of the dead skin. A natural form of exfoliation.