Moisturising Toner

Moisturizing facial care for the whole day.

We have evolved from the days of Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise.

Today’s skincare is far more advanced due to the technology and a ground breaking engineering process .

The Skin Care of today can change your skin.

Ask your skin therapist how you can make your skin change.

Remember Less is More.


This special product soothes, calms and takes down the inflammation Rosacea, Sensitive and Reactive skins.  It hydrates and refreshes the skin.


How best to use:


After cleansing, spray liberally onto the skin and massage in circular motions.  Moisturising Toner can be used as often as you feel your skin needs.  Its refreshing and moisturising properties can be particularly beneficial after sun exposure; simply spritz directly onto clean skin.

Available sizes: 30ml/150ml

Ingredients: Download PDF


A foaming treatment toner can be used as often as you feel needed