Hydrating Lotion

An all round lotion that prevents dryness on the face and body. One of our Hero products.


A multi-functional silky,creamy lotion with a high oil content. Dry skin, with barrier disorders need a skin care lotion with a high oil content to restore its natural balance.

Contains Phosphatidylcholine, which is found in human cell membranes, and consists of large quantities of linoleic acid (vitamin F). The human organism, and more importantly, the skin needs linoleic acid, which the body is not able to synthesize.

Directions to Use

Can be used as a light cream for oily skins or as an extra lotion for dry skins.Is a great lotion to use as body spray or can even be used as a leave in scalp treatment. The wonders of hydrating lotion should not be over looked.

Available sizes: 30ml / 150ml

Ingredients: Download PDF


Hydrating Lotion is also recommended for light forms of Acne with simultaneously dry skin, (for oily skin: use Soothing Lotion or Treatment Gel).