Treatment Gel

Treatment gel is ideal for congested skins. It aids in breaking down excess skin cells which often cause under the skin spots and congestion.


Most lumps, bumps, spots, black heads and white heads are caused by too much dead skin (excess keratinisation)

In modern day skin care we do not squeeze, pick or over clean the skin, the skin does not really appreciate that .

Instead we slough off and unplug the dead skin and slowly re educate the skin to work as mother nature intended .


For a deeper desquamation apply a thin layer of Treatment Gel on to clean skin prior to using the Enzyme Skin Renewal.


This problem-solver was created specifically for congested, uneven skin. Containing Acetoside and Berberin, which give it its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties, this gel will loosen blocked pores, soothe and reduce lumps and bumps.


How best to use:

Massage a small amount of Treatment Gel gently into the affected area once a day.  Follow with Dermaviduals Hydrating Lotion or High Classic.  It is vital to moisturise problem areas, as a lack of good oils in the skin will simply cause more problems.


Available sizes: 50ml

Ingredients: Download PDF


For problem skin, use in conjunction with Corrective Toners otherwise use with DMS – High Classic or as advised by your therapist