Enzyme Skin Renewal

The Enzyme Skin Renewal is a powerful effective Skin desquamation.


The result are smaller pores, a very even skin appearance and an increased receptivity of the skin for the subsequently applied active agents. In addition to that it has a preventive effect against comedones, milia and pustules.

Enzyme peeling is recommended for the facial skin as well as other body parts as for example the chapped backs of the hand and areas of bad skin on the back.

Directions for Use

One application requires between 6g and 10g of mask powder, add water to form an easily spreading paste. Apply to the face, neck and the decolleté using a brush or spatula, the paste can then be gently massaged into the skin.

It is recommended to avoid the areas around the eyes.

In order to allow the enzymes to become effective, the mask should stay on the skin for about 20 minutes and can be combined with a heat and moisturizing treatment.

After the treatment the mask should be thoroughly removed with water.

The enzyme peeling is very gentle on the skin and thus can also be applied on sensitive skin. There will be no harsh peeling effects as with fruit acids or herb peelings. The enzyme peeling is specifically designed for problem or oily skin.

Available sizes: 10g

Ingredients: Download PDF


For dry, cracked, scarred and atrophic skin it is recommended to use DMS®-peeling cream with jojoba beads