Ultrasound Gel

A gel base that has lifting, hydrating, cooling and soothing properties.


The Prescriptive Serum is mixed by your therapist, ingredients can be added dependent on your specific skin type or condition

The advantage of the Prescriptive Serum over the Prescriptive Cream is the ability to pack in more Actives for specific skin problems. However a DMS cream is also needed for skin strengthening and moisturising.

The base gel can also be used for ultrasound applications.

Specific properties with respect to skin elasticity, skin soothing, skin hydration can be adjusted by the addition of active concentrates

Directions for Use

Prescriptive Serum can be applied to the face, body or extremely sensitive skin. It will have been enriched by Dermaviduals actives by your therapist.

It should be used as directed by your therapist.

Available sizes: 7.5ml / 25ml / 500ml

Ingredients: Download PDF