Terra Sana

Since time immemorial, clay has been used as healing earth and therefore is optimally suited for facial masks and packs.


Terra sana (healthy earth) is a pure and natural clay consisting of the alumosilicates kaolin and montmorillonite (clay minerals) as well as portions of quartz, mica, limonite (ferromineral) and other minerals.

When mixed with water and appropriate skin care products, it is able to embody their regenerating substances. When using the product as facial mask, the regenerating substances are emitted into the skin in appropriate doses and, in interaction, the clay assimilates substances of the skin due to its ionic exchange and absorption effects.


The clay powder is mixed with water and stirred until creamy, then apply to the skin. The mixture is usually left on the skin for 20 to 30 minutes, but can be individually adapted.


Available sizes: 175g


Rinse clay residues with clear water, avoid using soaps. When applying packs, wipe off residues with a soft tissue and rinse sparingly with water or cleansing milk. It leaves the skin feeling silky soft and smooth.