The bane of many people’s lives, and whether it is 1 spot or 100, it affects the person concerned. One of the most common misconceptions concerning Acne is that it is caused by dirty skin. They treat the problem by frequent and harsh washing – only to exacerbate the condition.

Acne has many causes: genetics, hormones, stress, diet, and sun bathing can all play a part. But to understand Acne you need to first understand what creates a spot.


There are three main factors in the development of a spot:

  1. Excess Keratinisation, too many dead skin cells on the top layer of your skin.
  2. Excess Oil (Sebum). Sebum production is normally stimulated by the hormone testosterone, which is why acne is so prevalent in teenagers (who experience a hormone surge during puberty). In women, due to fluctuations in hormone levels, spots can be a problem throughout their lives.
  3. A bacteria found around the opening of a hair shaft (P. acnes bacteria).

Mix them all together and it can cause havoc. But be aware you need at least two to cause spots.

Can I cure it?

We cannot stop spots completely,(if you have a genetic predisposition then it is within you), however, most people grow out of their spots. Our aim is to prevent them damaging the skin for life. What we can do is to control the number of spots, their severity, and to minimise any damage they might do to the skin.

How does Dermaviduals help to improve it?

Dermaviduals cleansers are gentle and will not overstrip the skin. They will cleanse and gently remove excess keratinisation and the excess sebum. The secret is to remove the layer of dead skin without stripping the good oils (remember spotty skin is not dirty skin). Beware of cleansing products that leave your skin feeling very dry or tight. These products remove too much of the sebum, making the skin feel it is dry, which in turn stimulates oil production.

Bacteria is found on all skins, not just those with acne, and it performs a useful purpose within the acid mantle. However, the P. acnes bacteria thrives in high PH environments so using products with a PH similar to the skin (4.5 to 6.5) will help prevent its growth.

All the cleansers are similar in PH to the skin’s natural level, and they are gentle enough to clean without stripping. For younger (teenage) skin the Cleansing Gel is advised as it is slightly stronger – but please be aware that if it leaves your skin feeling tight or dry you should use the DMS Cleansing Milk.

After cleansing, Treatment Gel can be applied to help the reduction of both sebum and Keratinisation, and depending on your particular type of acne Soothing Lotion or Hydrating Lotion.

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