Eczema is a skin condition characterised by inflamed, red, itchy, dry skin. People suffer from it with varying degrees; and it comes in many different guises: Atopic, Contact, Seborrhoeic, and Pompholyx, to name a few. One thing is common: no one seems to be able to explain exactly what causes it. There are many theories but there is no cure. What we do know is that Eczema sufferers almost always exhibits an impaired Stratum Corneum.

Although this sounds like a bleak picture there is a lot that can be done.

Can I cure it?

By observation of when flare ups occur you can start to identify your own triggers, (you may be lucky and have just one, but chances are you will have several). By using the right products you can start to strengthen the Stratum Corneum, thereby reducing the severity and frequency of flare ups.

Disrupted skin barrier


This picture is a representation of the Stratum Corneum that is deficient in natural oils (bi layers). Allergens can penetrate into the epidermis.

The traditional advice for eczema sufferers is the daily use of emollients to seal the skin, and in severe cases, or during a flare up, steroids. As all Eczema sufferers know, the trouble with this advice is that the flare ups will and do reoccur.

The reason the cycle continues is that invariably the cream you apply, (even the cream containing the steroid) contains emulsifiers. This chemical, which is vital in ordinary creams, actually makes eczema skins dryer over time. The steroids heal the inflammation but the cream it comes in, and the emollient you apply afterwards helps the reoccurrence of the flare ups.




 How does Dermaviduals help to improve it ?

Dermaviduals does not contain Emulsifiers. The products are recognised by the skin and will strengthen it to make the skin work in the way it is supposed to, keeping allergens out. This allows the body to heal itself, reducing further flare-ups.

The theory upon which Dermaviduals is based is Corneotherapy.

We realise that many of you reading this will be sceptical, having tried many other products before. But do not give in and let this condition define you. We know Dermaviduals can help, and are happy to talk to you to explain which products are best for you and why (with conditions such as eczema, one size does not fit all). After all, you have nothing to lose but your skin condition.