Sensitive skin care products Sensitive skin

Sensitivity is one of the most common skin complaints, to help treat sensitive skin you have to understand it.

Whether or not we are born with sensitive skin is questionable. There are many skin conditions that can make the skin sensitive but to just have the sensitivity without a cause is quite rare. Your sensitivity could be caused by many different reasons e.g. drug side affects, too much sun, wrong or harsh skin care.

What we do know is that your skin has developed sensitivity and has become over reactive to whatever you put on it. It is angry and even the most gentle product will irritate it.

In skin terms; its first line of defence is impaired, the protective bilayers have been compromised so the skin is wary of everything that is put on it.

What you need at times like this are gentle products that do not contain perfumes, preservatives or emulsifiers You need products that will gently restore the skin’s PH balance, and strengthen the bilayers.

When the skin is angry you need to pull back, less is more.

Dermaviduals is all these things; by using Phosphatidylcholine the products are skin similar and mimic the natural skin barrier. Dermaviduals will give the skin back its defence system, it will build back the acid mantel, it will strengthen the bilayers and the skin will not feel under attack.

As every sensitive skin is going to be caused by different things do not expect the skin to heal with one application. You need to calm and rebuild slowly and gently.