Summer Actives


Sun Actives

Vitamin A can repair skin damage from sun exposure and has been classed as an SPF 20. It is important to care for the skin pre-exposure and post-exposure.

Coenzyme Q10 will help prevent and protect sun damage and will give back what the sun has taken out

Vitamin E  is a free radical scavenger  and can protect cell membranes from light-induced damage. Topical application of these antioxidants to the skin has been shown to reduce acute and chronic photodamage. Topically applied it has been seen to effectively reduce skin roughness, increase the hydration of the skin and  it can also  reduce the harmful collagen-destroying enzyme collagenase, which unfortunately increases in aging skin.Vitamin E is  also a natural emollient.

CM-Glucan protects skin cells against the depletion of antioxidant molecules upon UV-A irradiation and promotes the growth of keratinocytes. CM-glucan offered substantial protection against skin damage caused UV-A irradiation. In addition, CM-Glucan enhances the renewal rate of the Stratum Corneum.

Green Tea is commonly used as a home remedy for sunburn. The Chinese recommend applying cooled green tea to the skin to soothe sunburn. Green Tea helps prevent and repair skin damage and may even help prevent chemical- and radiation- induced skin cancers

Aloe Vera  – the little power house Aloe Vera will reduce inflammation. Ingredients Vitamins A, C, E and  B12 will restore the skin after UV exposure

Evening Primrose  has a high GLA content that promotes healthy skin and skin repair.  It soothes skin problems and inflammation, making it a good choice after sun exposure. Evening primrose skin oil discourages dry skin and premature aging of the skin