ID Skincare is the distributor of Dermaviduals in the UK and Ireland,

A professional only Skincare brand.Not sold on line but via qualified skin therapist that have a passion for changing skins 

We are unlike any other distributors because Dermaviduals is not like any other skin care!

We are all about the Skin and Education. We run our own Skin clinic in North London, and started to distribute dermaviduals after seeing the result with our own clients. We educate you from our own personal experience 

These products are like nothing else on the skincare market. Dermaviduals has taken us to a higher level and has made our clients loyal to us as skin therapists rather than loyal to a skin care brand.

We will endeavour to give you a full understanding of this range and also continuing support to make sure you understand how to get the best results form dermaviduals. As we work with this range every day in our clinic our education program is based on academic knowledge, as well as first hand experiences.

We are happy for you to take the range on slowly and to make it work within your clinic.

Dermaviduals shows a diversity and versatility it allows us to treat all skin conditions, such as Eczema, Psoriasis, Reative, Ageing, Dry Skin, Acne, Rosacea, Sensitivity.

Dermaviduals is a professional skin care line . If you are looking to purchase Dermaviduals please call 0208 341 6967 and we can get you in touch with your nearest stockist.

Donna – Our Trainer.

Donna Glazer has over 31 years experience in treating skin and in the beauty industry.

Having completed her Cidesco training at Ray Chrochrane in 1983, she rented her first room in Hampstead in 1984 and opened her first clinic in Hampstead in 1987.

By 2001 she had three clinics in Hampstead, Highgate and Temple Fortune. Donna was left however managing three salons and neglecting her true passion – treating the skin. She sold two of her clinics and continued working with clients at her Highgate clinic.

Within a year she began working with professional skincare range, Environ. This pivotal moment was when Donna’s skin journey truly started.

Donna’s passion for knowledge led her in the direction of author and educator Florence Barrett Hill. Donna was instrumental in getting her to first visit the UK in 1988 to lecture.

Donna has become a keen follower and friend of Florence and was even acknowledged in Florence’s cosmetic chemistry book.

Donna was first introduced to Dermaviduals in 2010 and began using the range within her own skin clinic. Her knowledge of Dermaviduals came from her extensive knowledge of the skin accumulated through decades of reading, learning and one on one contact with clients and their skins.

Her thirst for knowledge and innovative approach to the skin and skin care makes her a pioneer in her field. She is rarely seen without a skin reference book by her side! Donna now wants to pass her knowledge and passion on to others to not only educate but empower skin therapists.

Our other TRAINING COURSES include vital information on not only Dermaviduals but generate a general understanding of the skin and the relationship with skin care products. Before you attend this course we will need to know about your set up  treatments and products  you currently offer so we are able to provide a training course bespoke to your clinic or salons needs.

Please explore this site and  you  will  understand the principles of this range and see the importance of having Dermaviduals in your clinic.