Skin Diagnostic Machine

Observ Skin Analysis

e778342926809cd71fb994b69f65d4d2 about-headerimage-observUtilising LED lighting and the skin’s own floressence, the Observ is the latest in skin Analysis. It will assist you in accurately diagnosing many skin conditions both on and under the skin’s surface.

The iPad app makes it one of the simplest devises to use, and gives you the ability to store and compare client images, track treatment progress and respond to your client’s need. In this way you can provide your client with a targeted visual advice in an objective and convincing way. This allows you to increase the effectiveness of your treatment plans and product sales.

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How the observ shows changes in the skin 

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The Pastiche PDM

Is a 16 function digital skin measuring device designed for professional skin diagnosis and skin physiology measurements. Used with a basic computer system, it can become a primary consultation and analysis tool for the skin treatment professional.


  • Measures the four primary parameters of the skin to determine skin health (viability of acid mantle) and risk factors for thermal/light based treatments:
  • Lipid (sebum levels)
  • Hydration (free water of the epidermis)
  • Erythema (vascular mat density)
  • Melanin density

Using software enhanced imaging techniques, quantifies levels of hyperkeratinisation, lipid flows, pore density, spot (colour irregularities) and wrinkle concentration/area. Polarized microscopy allows detailed examination/recording of skin surface and lesions. Data capture allows client records with measurements and images to be stored for comparison/retrieval. Version 1.0 consultation software provides risk factor analysis, contributing factors and client clinical/home care protocols.

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