Bespoke Skin Care By Dermaviduals by All that Slap Blogger

Bespoke Skin Care By Dermaviduals by All that Slap Blogger
Seeing as everyone is different and therefore their skin is different, this sounds like a novel, but quite frankly logical solution to peoples skin concerns and I am super excited to have had the chance to have a cream made up for me.
If you are a regular on the blog then you will know I have acne. I have had acne for more than half of my life and its a right pain the a*s quite frankly and at times it really depresses me! I have tried a lot of different products and also prescription meds and nothing has been overly effective.
In order for this cream to be made up for me, the lovely consultant – Donna, asked me a lot of questions about my skin and what I am currently using on it. I have never been asked so many questions in depth, not even by my doctor so I was immediately impressed by the level of interest Donna was taking in making sure she made me just the right cream.
Right before my eyes she mixed up a serum for me, which contains a generic base to which she added 4 other “active” ingredients – tailored to my skins needs. Donna told me to stop using most of the cleansers, toners and even argan oil (!!) that I am currently using in favour of this and to let her know of my progress. She also gave me cleansers to use in place of the ones I am currently using.
The serum itself is like a gel like consistency and its thicker than other serums I have used, this is not all that runny. One pump is enough for my face and I use this morning and night. I must say I am not keen on the scent of my serum – it is quite strong and its very herbal, it smells like herbal supplements and whilst I have got used to to it, it did put me off initially. I guess having no artificial perfume in this is a good thing though.
Its been around two weeks since I began using this and I have only had one new spot which is really really good for me. I will of course have to report back in a few weeks and let you know how I am getting on with this serum.
This serum costs £55.00 for 25ml – which is pricey but if keep the acne away then its worth it in my opinion.
If you have a problem with your skin, have tried many options and want to try this tailored approach I highly recommend you give Dermaviduals some thought.
its a thumbs up for me!
At the moment I am giving this 4/5

By Allthatslap