testimonal 1

I saw an excellent result with the DMS cream this weekend. I had a client who has medication and a side effect of the medication is that his skin is very, very dry, uncomfortably so – to the point of flaking.

He started 4 weeks ago. He was a bit horrified to be paying £42 for a face cream so i made him an oil as well and said use the oil at night and the cream in the day so he’s only been using the cream once a day but he said he had been religious about applying it. His skin has really changed in those 4 weeks. The flakiness is well and truly gone. His skin is much smoother just as they promise in the training manual and I could see just by looking at him that his skin was much better hydrated. It had a lovely sheen to it that he’s never had before.

I’ve tried quite a few things on him and combination of things and nothing had made enough of a difference so to me the change was really noticeable. It was different skin.

By Norah - Dermaviduals Stockist