A Dermaviduals Customer

I have been very impressed with the Cleansing Milk that I purchased.

I have had dehydrated, sensitive and reactive facial skin for years. I have done some research on the matter and came to the conclusion that my skin barrier was damaged.

I have tried so many facewashes/cleansers but always get a redness and inflammation after using them. Prior to using the cleansing milk I had not washed my face for about 3 weeks because I was tired of it flaring up. However, after using the cleansing milk for the first time I had no reaction and have not had one after cleansing with it.

I think this is because the milk helps cleanse my skin without stripping it of natural oils and helps to keep it hydrated. I also put it down to there being no irirtants in the product as these seem to get into my skin and cause the inflammation.

Hopefully, the cleansing milk will help my skin barrier to repair even more over time so that it works correctly again.

By Andrew