The Skin & Dermaviduals


Up until the 1960’s it was commonly thought thought that the Stratum Corneum was nothing more than a graveyard of dead skin cells, with no real purpose.


The physiology of the skin and the science of Cosmetic Chemistry has evolved and we are now at the forefront of understanding what the skin needs to function. This gives us the power to prevent so many skin concerns.


This power is called CORNEOTHERAPY.


By following the principles of Corneotherapy the skin will function as Mother Nature intended. 

Correction and restoration of skin conditions
Prevention of premature ageing and other skin disorders
Preserving the integrity of the Stratum Corneum and Skin Barrier


This new found understanding has given rise to a new way of looking at skin barrier disorders, skin conditions, and of course how the skin ages.

Dermaviduals is a topical skincare that works along the principles of Corneotherapy.

A skin care that uses preventative measures and restores the Stratum Corneum.

The purpose of our skin is to act as a barrier which:

  • Protects against UV light absorption
  • Protects against allergens
  • Protects against bad bacteria living on the skin
  • Controls Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL)
  • Prevents water coming into the skin (otherwise we would drown in the bath.)
  • Helps us to feel pain
  • Controls our body temperature


Without your skin you would be dead!

The top layer of the skin is the Stratum Corneum which consists of 4 areas; if they are fully functional and doing as Mother Nature intended you should have a happy, healthy, even, and strong skin.

  1. PH – Acid Mantel
  2. Bilayers
  3. TEWL
  4. Corneocyte cell


We will focus on these relevant areas of the skin that a skincare can assist in


Acid Mantel (PH). The acid mantel is a slightly acidic film made up from the secretions of sebum and lipids; these have an acidic balance of 5.5 PH, which is vital for skin protection. The good bacteria fight off the bad bacteria; without the correct PH the good bacteria will not be able to live on the skin. We all understand this within our stomachs and know if you eat the wrong foods it can upset our floras, the same principle is true to our skin. When the PH is wrong the skin will become comprised and the skin will be under threat of attack.

Long term use of the wrong skincare is known to be a major cause of disturbing the acid mantel. In some skins it can also be a predisposed condition where your skin does not create the correct secretions in the first place.

Dermaviduals cleansing solutions do not upset the skin’s natural PH and will keep the skin’s acid mantel intact.


Lamellar Lipid Bilayers. Each layer of the cells of Stratum Corneum sit between a lipid  layer called our lamellar bilayers. If your bilayers are not fully functioning it will make the skin susceptible to irritation, water loss, dryness and other serve skin conditions.

Your lamellar bilayers can be upset by predisposed conditions i.e. extreme dryness, eczema, or a sensitive reactive skin; this starts from a young age.

Another cause could the over use of strong surfactants or emulsifiers, as these ingredients are known to disturb the bilayers. This is called the wash out effect.

Repaired skin Close up




Dermaviduals products do not contian emulsifiers that will upset these layers of lipids, and more importantly the compostion of these creams will repair and replace lost lipids. If you have a predispoed skin condtion then Dermavdiduals is one of the few products on the market that can restore this vital layer of your skin.




TEWL, Trans Epidermal Water Loss: Another problem with your bilayers not functiong correctly is the loss of too much water from your skin. This represents itself as dryness, roughness and irratation. You may think you need a richer cream but this is wrong because you are lacking in water not oil.

Dermaviudals will be able to slow down the water loss by repairing the bilayers and solveing the cause, not treating a symptom.


Corneocyte Cell. These cells start life as a keratinocyte cell in the epidermis. During its journey to the Stratum Corneum it differentiates into a Corneocyte Cell. If for some reason there is a glitch within the differentiation process the Corneocyte Cell will not be as strong or sit evenly on the skin. We can compare this to a roof; if one of your tiles is not sitting correctly or missing it will make the roof weak and the whole thing will be vulnerable.

Dermaviduals will aid in the process of ensuring that your Corneocyte Cells sit neat and even.

This method of skin understanding and corneotherapy allows dermaviduals to specialise in the prevention of skin conditions such as:

  • Neurodermatitis • Ichthyosis • Psoriasis • Acne • Couperosis • Rosacea • Dermatitis • Chelitis • Sensitive skin
  • Dehydrated skin and premature ageing • Blemished skin • Aged skin • Sunburn • Scars • Dark circles under eyes
  • Before and after laser treatment • Hyper-pigmentation • Stretch marks