Why Dermaviduals is the Skincare for You. 

Dermaviduals is only Sold via Professional Skin Therapist. It is not a skincare brand you will see online nor will you see it sold in stores. There are very few if any skincare brands that  encourage you to visit or seek a professional for advice.  As no two skins are the same, as even identical twins age differently.  Most skincare’s are what we call off the shelf, they offer you a one size fits all approach. 

Dermaviduals doesn’t, as seeking professional help you will get a tailor made skincare for your skin your lifestyle  and your skin concerns.  

What makes dermaviduals the only product to use is because  it works , under the guidance of your skin therapist you will see changes and improvements on your skin. 

The future of skincare is changing, if you want a skin complexion that people will complement  dermaviduals is the answer a tailor made skin care for your skin and your skin needs. 

Please email us at trade@idskincare.co.uk and we will find you a Skin Therapist near to you. 


Phosphatidylcholine is a phospholipid. A phospholipid is a fundamental component of all cell membranes and vital for cell health. By using this one ingredient, Phosphatidylcholine, in a cosmetic product it can aid in skin health in many ways . Due to the cosmetic chemistry of Phosphatidylcholine it can be used in either an unsaturated or a saturated form, they both have a different effects on the skin.

Unsatuated Phosphatidylcholine (PC)

When you apply PC onto the skin in its liposome form you are able to achieve two functions. The first is to supply a high dose of Linoleic Acid (Omega 6 and 3), this in turn allows an active ingredient to be delivered directly into the skin barrier.
In this way the liposome aids in the recovery of many skin conditions. All you have to do is choose which active you wish to use, to enhance the skins health.
This Liposome Technology is not new to the cosmetic world. However, what Dermaviduals has done is take this science to another level! A level where you can start to customise your clients skin care specifically for their skin concerns.

Saturated Phosphatidylcholine (PCH)

PCH is found in all the Dermaviduals creams:

  • It aids in skin regeneration
  • Supports the barrier function of the skin
  • It prevents TEWL within  the skin without being occlusive
  • It prevents keratinisation.
  • It keeps the skin soft and supple.

And, you have a cream that does not contain emulsifiers, preservatives or perfume.

The structure of these creams are like nothing your skin has used before.

Customised Creams

With 29 actives, 3 creams and a gel the combination of different customised
skincare is endless.
Our skin has different needs from summer to winter, when we get ill, stressed, or when we travel; with the Dermaviduals customisable range you have every possible angle of skin care covered.
No two skins are the same why would their skincare be?


Dr Albert Kligman, a renowned skin scientist proved that the Stratum Corneum is not a dead layer of skin that has no purpose, but an integral part of the skin’s defence mechanism.

What Dr. Kligman scientifically proved was that topically applied products can influence the biochemistry of the Stratum Corneum. He also proved that with the appropriate skin-care products and ingredients, the health of the skin barrier could be restored, resulting in healthier skin.

What is also now realised is that by looking at and repairing the Stratum Corneum many common skin barrier disorders can be alleviated.

One of the main purposes of the skin is to act as an defence system; the problem is we need to understand its language. When you see redness, sensitivity, dryness, spots, etc the skin is trying to tell you it is under attack. If you repair the Stratum Corneum and get it working again the attack stops and the symptoms will go.

Dermaviduals has been formulated along the principles of Corneotherapy. It is made without harmful emulsifiers or irritating perfumes and preservatives and can therefore be used on the most sensitive skins. It is made to mimic the structure of your skin and will therefore be recognised and absorbed by the skin, repairing and strengthening the bilayers.