Your Skin is in SAFE Hands

  The One Size fits all approach to skincare has to change. 

Dermaviduals an Individual skincare, as not all skin’s, are the same.

You will not find dermaviduals in the stores or sold all over the Internet as it is only sold by professional Skin Practitioner


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Understanding the skin

A skincare that understands the needs of your skin


For Professionals

Why you need dermaviduals in your skin clinic

Why dermaviduals .


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The composition of Dermaviduals makes it unlike any other skin cream you have used before. All the creams utilise a Derma Membrane Structure (DMS); which essentially mimics the structure of the outer layer of skin, thus allowing Dermaviduals to REPAIR, RESTORE and STRENGTHEN the skin.

About Us

Dermaviduals is the invention of Dr Hans Lautenschlager (we just call him Dr Hans). After studying chemistry and physics at the University of Berlin, he spent over 20 years working in pharmaceutical research and development in Cologne where he oversaw the development of many innovative skincare products. In 1998 he set up KOKO, the company that developed and produces Dermaviduals.