Your skin is a complex organ by simplifying things, expelling some misconceptions and giving you the true facts, will give you a grip on your problems.  Your skin is a complex organ by simplifying things, expelling some misconceptions and giving you the true facts, will give you a grip on your problems.


The skin is an organ that can express itself in a variety of ways. Knowing why your skin is not looking good is the beginning to improving it. When we look at the skin and see a problem it is normally a Symptom of an underlying Cause. 

This cause will be a combination an internal or an external factor.

  • Internal Factors: hormones, diet or issues  health
  • External Factors: topical products, the sun, picking the skin, the environment and others.
  • Predisposed: Problem skin is hereditary, if a family member has had acne, you will have a  predisposition to this condition.

 A combination of Internal and External factors will be the cause of your problems. Keep in mind you cannot control all the causes. The more you understand your skin, the easier it is to live with the symptoms you see.

Some misconceptions on problem skin

  •  Spots are not only for pre teen or teenagers. We can get spots at any age..
  • Problem skin is not caused by oily unclean skin.
  • The bacteria on the skin is not the only reason we get spots.
  •  An inflammatory response within the skin  is more likely the reason.
  • Using too abrasive products like, scrubbing over cleaning or using a gel cleanser, will upset the skin barrier function this will cause an inflammatory response
  • Does your skin feel tight and dry after washing?
  •  Certain foods are known to cause an inflammatory response in the body. Are you eating these foods?
  •  Looking after your skin correctly will make the skin a better environment, thus making it harder for spots to accumulate.
  •   It will as well prevent the spots from marking or leaving scars ,your spots will become less visible and eventually have less of them.

 There are no quick fixes if you want to change the skin

No two skins are the same, we all live very different lives, we all eat different food, we all treat our skin differently. You cannot treat all problem skins with a one size fits all attitude.

       The skin is not bias, there is always a cause.

What can  I do  Find a skin therapist that will listen to your concerns and understand your skin.  In turn, you will need to listen to their advice and give your skin time to improve. Getting the correct help for your skin will save you time and money.

Medical Intervention

  1. They can offer a range of antibiotics.
  2. The contraceptive pill for girls
  3. A number of topical applications.
  4. If your skin is very serve or you are very emotional roacutane can work but it should be your last option.

From our experience;

Antibiotics can work, but for a short time as your body will become resistant to the antibiotics. You can keep changing your antibiotic, but do beware antibiotics can upset your stomach.

The pill for women can help in many cases, but do know all you are doing is suppressing a hormonal imbalance ,when you come off the pill the problems may reappear. So get some advice how to make your skin healthier as when you come off the pill or change it, your skin may not be as susceptible to breaking out.

Roacutane should be your last resort or if you are suffering from serve grade 5-6 acne that is causing scarring and affecting your daily life then roacutane is an option.

Topical products. In the short term these products will work, but in the long term they are far too abrasive on the skin and will cause the skin to be more reactive and sensitive. In a nutshell, they will create a bigger problem.

  • Getting the correct advice for your skin will change your skin .
  • Using the correct skin care for your skin  will change your skin .
  • There are no quick fixes to Stop Spots.

All the 100’s of products you can purchase for problem skin in the stores or via the internet will all work to begin with but many of them will stop working in the  long term. In our experience long term usage of these products only cause more  problems not only while you use them but  later in life.

What category are you?

Pre-teen You have just started to see a few lumps and bumps under the skin and may be a few white or blackheads around the nose area. The trick at this stage is not to panic and not to rush to the chemist and buy every spot product on the shelves. Your cause is an influx of hormones. This change in your skin is normal and does not mean it will become acne. Go and get  some advice as to how you can understand what your skin is doing and how best you should look after it.

 Teenage If at this stage you have more red spots, more lumps under the skin we will need workout the underlying cause. In many instances using the wrong products can exasperate the problem. We have found by just changing your home care works so well. Just beware if you have a predisposition you may still get the odd spot.

Women that  have had long term problems this could of started from a teenage and the skin has never been that good. You may of  been on the pill or tried antibiotics and used numerous products. This is a common problem and the cause is normally due to a hormonal imbalance at puberty and the skin becoming quite confused with everything that has been thrown at it. To get the skin back on track your therapist will work out the cause and work with you to find the correct products and treatments you need.

Female never had a problem before and you have broken out suddenly. This will be what we call a blip more likely a hormonally dip or change. It could be due to pre or post Pregnancy. IVF, changing the pill, going on the mirena coil, moving house or moving country, plus a lot of other situations. This skin can be treated, but your therapist may need  to see if she can remove the cause or wait for the cause to go on its own.

Adult  man  Most men normally grow out of acne by the time they are 25 + if your skin is still playing up it is normal due to wrong products , it could also be due to a shaving problem and the spots could be more ingrown hairs .You will not need many treatments, but the important thing is to make sure you are looking after the skin. The way the skin would like to be treated

Our take home message

  • Tight dry skin does not mean it is clean it means it has been stripped of natural oils.
  • Black head on the nose are part of the make up of our skin, squeezing them will only make them worse.
  • If you need to look at your skin under a magnifying mirror, no one else will ever see what you see as we do not have magnifying eyes.
  •  Stop looking at your skin in a magnifying mirror, all it accomplishes is to cause you upset about your skin.
  •  Learn to look after you skin the way it would wish to be treated and learn to love your skin.