Oleogel Plus

Our wonder balm or we call it the modern day vaseline


Care for every part of the face and body. It will soothe hydrate and calm. Oleogel Plus can be used for very dry or cracked skin, particularly the lips, can be used as a extra cream for the eye area and has even had fantastic results as a nappy rash balm or to use when flying long haul to prevent the skin dehydrating.

Qality skin care oils of plant origin which penetrate very fast due to their combination with natural membrane components. It is solid oil, that liquefies when applied to the skin, and as it is virtually free of water, its active caring agents are highly concentrated which means that only small amounts is needed.

Directions to Use

Oleogel Plus is thoroughly spread onto the dehydrated skin areas. Oleogel Plus can be used on any part of the face and body we recommend you use the small amount but apply as often as you feel required.

Available sizes: 15ml / 50ml

Ingredients: Download PDF


It is ideal to mix with other DMS creams to give additional skin protection in extreme weather.