New Condition to our T&C

Due to Dermaviduals UK believing in a corneotheraputic methodology, we do not endorse peeling. All new accounts cannot take on the range if they are peeling.

My job is to educate you on the structure and function of the skin so you have the knowledge and an informed choice to ask the question,

Why would I need to ?
Why am I?
Is there a more effective alternative for the health of this skin
Peeling companies today are marketing hype or the next new fad.

I am aware many of you do peel, which is, of course, a choice of any skin business to offer.

But I am going to make some changes to our terms and conditions. This is to do with Social media platforms only.

If you offer peeling treatments and promote them on social media, You will not be allowed to promote demaviduals on your social media platforms. If you do, we will close your account effective immediately.

This is because you can not peel a skin one day, and then the next day, you are Repairing Restoring and Rejuvenating, you are giving the consumer a mixed message. and in all honesty, you have not truly grasped how the Skin Functions.